Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple

Mmmm I saw a pin for bacon wrapped pineapple on pinterest. My brother-in-law was staying with us and I was BBQ'n and I thought this would go perfect with our meal. I did cheat a little. I used canned pineapple and I forgot to add the brown sugar. But they were still a hit.

Cheap bacon, canned pineapple, tooth picks and a foil lined pan.

I first cut the bacon strips in half and then in quarters since the strips were to big.

Just roll the pineapple chunk in the bacon and put a tooth pick in it.

Since I was already BBQ'n I just threw the pineapple on the grill so I wouldn't heat up the house. I cooked it for about 20 min but frequently check them when I was grilling the steaks.

Not to pretty but this is the finished product. Next time I'll give the fresh pineapple a shot. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Critter Rescues

It's no secret, my husband has a huge heart and we both love animals. In June I was asleep at 10pm and Bryan woke me up... He was holding a dang puppy lol. I knew we would both get attached so we needed to find her a home ASAP! Somebody dumped this precious girl out on the country. Our friend found her and couldn't keep her so Bryan picked her up so we could find her the perfect family.

Luckily I had 5+ awesome family's that wanted her. She went to live with a friend from high schools parents. 

Last week- Bryan got back from being gone on a fire for 15 days. When he got to his station there was a kitten on the back porch. Whoever abandoned her left her in a cardboard box and left blankets, food and water dishes, bags and litter, food and a litter box. Cats arnt that hard to care for and it looks like they had everything they needed. Maybe the lost their house, who knows. I'm just thankful that the crew got home that day. It was 100degrees that day and the guy's personal vehicles were at the station the entire time since they were gone on the engine so the ppl who dumped the kitten must have thought somebody was there.

I'm not a fan of cats, but she was the sweetest thing! If we didn't already have 4 large dogs and a crazy cat, she would have stayed with us... But since we have a mini zoo, we did the next best thing. We gave her to my cousin and her family. They love her and I know it's the best fit!

On her way to her new family!

I don't see how people can abandon animals especially in the heat of summer. There is no excuse! We had handfulls of people wanting both animals within hours and that was just with simple Facebook posts.

Bryan may drive me slightly cray cray, but boy do I love him and I'm glad we got to save these precious animals and give them forever families!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

While the husband was away....

I got to work with Operation Make Our House a Home... If you ask my it was pretty successful. Here's some pictures of some of my updates!
The curtains all came from Ross. I believe they were all $15 for a set. I have been collecting  the "R" for the past year. I'm in love with the boot picture! When I had the Whiskey and Rhinestones booth at The Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale the neighboring booth was selling the boot picture. My amazing grandma heard me talking about it and bought it for me :). The rug also came from Ross- It was the perfect color scheme and only $14
Tin "R"- Ross $12
Shelf mirror on the left- Yard Sale- $2

The small boat paddle was $5 at a thrift store. 
I scored the mirror in the corner from Hobby Lobby- only $12, originally $118.
Trunk was a Craigslist steal for $20

The White crate was form Joann's. I payed about $5 after a coupon. I painted it white, sanded it and wiped stain on it. Its now perfect for our remotes on the coffee table.

Sorry for the clutter and my dog, Sage.
I gave the bookcase a makeover with fabric it cost less than $10 and makes such a big difference.
The chest in the corner was another Craigslist find for $50. The ladder was free from my mom and used to be in a chicken coop lol

Paisley runner rug- Ross- $14

Close up of my purty table :)

This rug probably wont stay right here to long. Its actually a patio rug from Lows. I couldnt pass it up for only $12. One day when I get the energy ill re do my patio... Until then, I think it looks great where it is.

My bar tools are a work in progress. Sorry for the dark picture.

My counter was over run with clutter. So I purchased a wooden crate from Walmart- $8 and spray painted it white. For under $10 its the perfect way for me to organize all my cookbooks and it fits in with my rstic decor.

One of my best friends painted me the Sunflower picture a few years ago. Shutter is from a resale store. I believe I paid $5 for it. It has been all over with me at Whiskey and Rhinestones shows.

Sage approves :) I think I was successful on adding more charm and color to our home... and best part I didn't spend tooo much. Out of the items I did purchase, it was a span of a few years. Bryan was a little overwhelmed once he got home, but he said he didnt hate it :) lol

Home Makeover!

Bryan was away on a fire for 15 days so I had lots of time for projects! Here's my projects in pictures, I will be posting tutorials or more detailed posts for most of them this week. I'm very happy about how things have turned out, our house feels so much more like a home!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bar Stool Revamp

Our bar stools were looking a tad to boring for my taste. I had some turquoise and orange fabric from my pillows and it was the perfect amount for this project. I purchased some hammered bronze spray paint- this was my test project, since theses turned out so great I'll tackle painting our ugly gold light fixtures next.

I took off the padded seat.

Grabbed my spray adhesive and layed my fabric over the seat to find the perfect position for it.

I then sprayed the seat with the adhesive and smoothed to over the top of the seat and around the edges. I was so nervous about this step but it was so easy!

I cut all the acess fabric off. I did leave about an inch around the edge.

I ran and got some staples for my staple gun but as always- I have crapy luck and they didnt fit- the box said they were the corect size but oh well. I was not about to go back in the 100+ heat so I made do. I broke the staples apart and hammered them around the edges.

Not bad at all for my first time.

I then lightly sanded the stool and then took it to my shower to rinse it and wash it real good with soap.
Again- anything to avoid the heat for aslong as posible lol

After it was nice and clean, I drug it outside to dry off. I retreated inside with my BFF- the AC for 10 min.

Once it was dry I sprayed it down with the hammered bronze paint. It took one can.

About two hours later after it was dry I put it back together. Please ignore the mess in the picture lol. I love the finished product. So much better than the plain black.

One down, two to go! I can't wait to see them all together once finished!