Sunday, March 6, 2016

Color Dash 5K

This time last year I was a patient at Sutter Roseville while recovering from Guillain Barré Syndrome. I remember laying in my hospital bed looking at Facebook when all kinds of pictures from the first Corning Color Dash flooded my news feed. 

I've always been a firm believer that you should only run if your being chased... But that day I was jealous of all of those runners. 

Becoming paralyzed out of nowhere from a disease that you never heard of is a hard blow. It certainly put my life in perspective and made me appreciate everything and everyone in my life.

I'm so thankful for friends who take me out to do fun things... One can only watch so much, Netflix lol.

Yesterday I was blessed. I got to participate in the second Corning Color Dash 5K. 

Getting ready for the run!

At the starting line

Lisa our color fairy lol

Turning orange, looking like Oompa Lumpas lol

Kaity and Whitney helping me walk
across the finish line 💕

An amazing feeling!

14 months ago I was completely paralyzed, eyes and all. Progress has been slow and littered with a lot of bad days. No matter what life throws your way, never give up 🐢💕♿️

Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Blog

Please continue following my journey over at:

You can also find me on Instagram: thegimpygirlwhocould 

Thank you for the continued love, prayers and support 💕


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Second Chances

A year ago I finally hit my plateau with Guillain Barré Syndrome and started reclaiming my life. Most people don't loose their ability to do EVERYTHING and eventually get it back. For that I'm so grateful. 

During the last 12 months many people have said how sorry they felt for me. Please don't feel sorry for me... Has it been easy or enjoyable? No, far from it... But in these short 12 months I have experienced more love and human kindness than most will experience in a life time.

I know the real meaning of unconditional love- a dad and husband and so many more who ran there selves ragged for me, slept in awkward places, lived on fast food and spent hours upon hours in hospitals holding my hand, rubbing my feet or wiping my face, just so I felt a little bit safer and comfortable in an impossible situation. 

Kasie and Aunt Kim camped out by my beside giving dad and Bryan a break.

I love these girls :) 

I'm so blessed to have him by my side.

The most amazing men in my life- they were trying to put my hair up, that's love :)

I've learned that people will always surprise you- the ones who spent every available moment with me even tho they had jobs, school, families and so much more... And then the people who just didn't come for what ever the reason.

Guillain Barré has taken many things from me, everything I used to define myself as... But it has given me so much more. I learned to slow down and celebrate the little moments no matter how small or odd they were; moving body parts, flipping someone off, wiping my own ass, eating a cheeseburger, transferring, rolling over, first steps, ect... No moment is to small to celebrate. 

First cheesecake!

First cheeseburger that I waited 100 days for.

First time outside in aproximently 9 weeks.

One of my first times transferring by myself.

First time standing up!


First smiles after many sessions of the wonderful, Julie shocking my face.

First time writing... The best last names ever!

First time dancing- thank you Uncle Gary for dragging me on the dance floor! I love you!

First time rolling onto my stomach on our couch... I was stuck that way for awhile... 

First time using chopsticks 

First time driving in over 9 months!

First ponytail by myself!

I lost ability to do the simplest things that I have always taken advantage of. But now my loved ones and I know that life isn't a guarantee or always beautiful. But it's worth it.

If there is anything to learn from this, please live in the moment, enjoy the little things, and appreciate the people in your life. Be kind to people- everybody has their own battles. You will never know what a kind gesture will do for another.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

What I've been up to

On December 12th 2014 my life as well as my loved ones changed. I was admitted into the hospital with Guillain Barre Syndrome. I will do a later post on what it is and all of the details of my journey.

I started this blog awhile ago to post mostly about my Pinterest projects... But now I'm turning it into a place to document my journey with Guillain Barre syndrome.

The good and the bad. When I was first in the hospital my loved ones were searching the internet to find any info about what we were up against. I want this to be a place where GBS fighters and their family and friends can go for help. 

I will be adding my story from the past almost 11 months. If anyone has any questions at all- please feel free to contact me at-

Or follow me on Instagram- faith_when_i_fall

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life as we know it- part 1

This post will be split up into several posts and will be incredibly real and may be hard to read at parts. But this is my story.

Last December brought more than just the holidays. I'm assuming that all the stres we were under caused me to get a sinus and ear infection. Gosh is was horible. I have never been that sick before. I went to the local Imedate Care and got on antibiotics- a 5 day Z pack.

On December 11th day 6 I went back to the Imedate Care because my left eye lid was droopy- we thought it was swollen. My feet, hands and mouth were numb tingly. When I walked i was like the little penguin on Happy Feet and my teeth going numb was weird.

At the Imeadate Care they confirmed that they thought that I was allergic to the antibiotics and just sleep it off and to take cough medicine for my horible cough that was causing me to constantly puke. I couldn't keep anything down for a week. They told me I had no need for Benadryl. I figured that if I was in deed allergic to the antibiotics that the Benadryl would help and keep it from getting worse.

When we got out of the doctors I was starving and begged Bryan to take me to Inn and Out but he said that he would make me something healthy when we got home... I was near my breaking point. We went to Walmart to pick up the Benadryl and I mentioned getting a snickers bar cause they have protein ya know ;)... He said no and came back to the truck with a bunch of bananas... Y'all I wanted to shove them down his throat bless his heart. I hate bananas... But I choked one down because I knew I needed food.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friendsgiving and apple pie!

Fall is my favorite time of year! The colors, the smells, the food, the clothes, everybody seems to be more giving, and the holidays!

Our first celebration of the season was our Friendsgiving with most of our closest friends! Cody and Lisa were nice enough to host us all and it was a blast!

I somehow only took a few pictures-

Spurs plotting with the kids- something about hiding pies :)

Jason, Thomas and Whitney

I brought the Pioneer Woman's Mac and Cheese and it was a hit like always!

I also brought a apple pie and tried my luck making it with a cinnamon roll crust- very easy and delicious! I just picked my favorite apple pie recipe for the filling and bought the premade crust... I know, I know, its the easy route, but its a busy time of the year!!

 I rolled out one of the crusts melted about 2tbs of butter, basted it over the crust and sprinkled the cinnamon all over.

I then rolled it up, wrapped it back up and let it sit in the fridge for awhile.

After it was firm, I cut it up and placed it in a pie dish.

I filled it about 3/4 full and pressed down on the little rolls forming the side crust and sealing all gaps.

I sprinkled a little more cinnamon over the top ;)

Fill it with your favorite apple pie filling.

I then topped it with little stars.

I brushed it with an egg and cinnamon sugar mixture

Sprinkled more cinnamon sugar on the top

Covered the edges and tossed it in the oven!

The finished product!

Spurs with his slice!

What I'm Thankful for: Days 15-22

Days 15-22

Day 15- Cocktails!

Day 16- Trashy T.V.! Love!!

Day 17- Naps :)

Day 18- Books

Day 19-My grandpa Dick and Grandma Shirley! They are truly the most amazing people in my life and would do anything for the people they love.

Day 20- Chapstick- I probably go through more than most people- what can I say, the dryer loves it :)

Day 21- Every bad decision I have made- they led me right where I need to be :)

Day 22- Chocolate frosting! Just DTB (Don’t tell Bryan :))