Thursday, July 31, 2014

From the field to the table and my wall

It's no secret. I love hunting. Deer and pheasant are my favorite game to hunt. So many wonderful memories come from hunting. I grew up hunting and I love how I get to spend time with my dad, grandpa and step dad during deer season. I have been lucky enough to harvest a buck with each of them. 

This little fellow was the second buck I harvested last season.
In stead of having a head mount of him like my first buck of the season, I opted to just mount the antlers. We just got the standard kit that warped the skull parts in velvet like material... It was ugly lol but it was like that for 9 months...

I decided to spice it up a bit
I wrapped it in left over material from my pillow cases I made. I'm happy with it. It's not crazy and I can always easily change out the material

I pledge allegiance...

Frame is from Michaels, I had the burlap laying around and the garland and flags came from the dollar store. So easy and I love it. I even brought it along camping and hung it on a tree. Never forget the important things in life.

Giants fleece tie blanket

Bryan has been asking for me to craft him up a fleece tie blanket for a while now. He has been gone for the past week, so I thought now was the perfect time to make him one and give as a birthday present. I was very nervous about making one because my first go at the whole tie blanket thing was a major fail… and the MLB fleece is not very cheap. This time I decided to actually look up a tutorial and not wing it. I found this from It was very easy to follow and I didn’t have any problems. I whipped it up in a little under 3 hours while working and answering phones.

First I  layed out my fabric on top of each other. I Smoothed out all the wrinkles and then cut all the edges so they were even.

Then I cut a 4in square in each corner.

I then layed out a ruler and cut strips about 1in wide. After that I tieda few ties at every corner and in a few on the sides. I did that to prevent bunching.

I worked from the corners to the center if each side and that method worked perfectly.

 I’m very pleased on how It turned out! It’s the perfect size to take along to the games.

Go Giants :)- us at one of the May 2014 games.

Easter Goodies

For Easter this year we went to my favorite place- my Papas Ranch. Of course I was nominated to bring the goodies and thinks to Pinterest, I did not disappoint!

Chocolate and White Chocolate covered strawberrys.

The orange ones are my "carrots".

To melt the chocolate in all the different colors I used my crockpot and mason jars. I filled the crockpot with a few inches of hot water and turned it on high. I filled the wide mouth mason jars with chocolate and left them there for awhile. It worked out great.

My carrot cupcakes! So cute!!

All I did was cut a hole on the top of the cupcake, add a little frosting to the hole and around the edges. I then put my strawberry in the hole and put chocolate sprinkles around the sides for the dirt effect. I will definitely make these again next year.

Peep cupcakes- super simple and oh so very Easter. Just dye frosting with neon food coloring and top it off with a peep :)

Here's some more pictures of the ranch.

Coffee Table Facelift

We bought our coffee table right before be got out house. So it's been around for 5 years. I haven't been very easy on it, there may have been a few things spilt on it- **cough- finger nail polish remover- cough** the stain was coming off in many places, so I decided that I would refinish it this summer. 

The befores

To strip it, I first used a spray stripper and it didn't work very well so I ran to the hardwear store and picked up a different kind of stripper and it worked so much better!

I sanded it down real good to get the rest of the varnish off.

Slapped some turquoise paint on it.

Ran the sander over it.

Then I coated it with the stain. I didn't bother with wiping the stain off cause I wanted the grainy rustic look to it.

Love it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some of my favorite things :)

Barn wood

Old windows

And doors

And you can't forget shutters!

Oh the projects to be made! I only scored a hand full of windows and one of the French doors but I'm so excited to see what treasures they become.   

DIY- T.V. Console orginizer

This past winter my Papa let me go threw his barn to look for treasures to use for my Whiskey and Rinestones display. I found this old flat box/ crate that I'm pretty sure was for shipping glass. It worked out pretty good in my display.

But I decided that I wanted to use it at home. My TV stand is always cluttered with remotes, mail, DVDs and all kinds of other crap so I thought it would be perfect to orginize all that chaos.

I started by cleaning all the cobwebs out :)

Added a few layers of turquoise and orange paint.

I took it out side and sanded it real good.

Then I went to town staining it.

Half way done

The finished product.

I think it turned out great. It adds more turquoise and orange to our living room with out being to loud.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Manic Monday- weekend recap and what coming!

Cheers to my first Manic Monday! My weekend was full of crazy ness. My husband is away for work... So I did what I always do while he is away- work on projects he usualy would prefer me not to do. Lol it's better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission :) 

There was a lot of pictures and items to be hung up, I stripped and refinished our coffee table and so much more! Pictures and tutorials will be up this week.

We have owned our house for nearly 5 years now and I don't think we will be upgrading any time soon. Since we moved in we have had minimal decorations hung up and I painted everything nutral tan colors which I'm getting pretty tired of... But I don't feel like spending the time nor the money on paint... So instead I'm adding fun color combos around- turquoise and orange to the living room and grey and yellow to the master bedroom. Of course everything has a little rustic flair!

So stay tuned to my process of making our house a home.

Chelsey W's Cowboy baby shower for Everett

had the honor of throwing a baby show for one of my closest friends, the shower was back in March. I loved how everything turned out. Perfect for any little cowboy!

Pin the sperm on the egg- made by me :) I highly recommend this game for a baby shower if you have a fun crowd and want something a little different.

Candy bar memory game- I'll post all the details another time.

"Guest book" onsie

The adorable table- cow print runner was some wrapping paper I picked up atTractor Supply at Christmas time. The tin plates are cake pans from the dollar tree, as well as the bandanas.

I thought the table needed a little more... So I tossed on some shotgun shells. Lol

I found this old wheel barrel in my papas barn. It was just right for the gifts!

The cake I made, and kinda messed up with the red sprinkles... It looked better in my head lol. His name is a little lopsided, but it was still cute. (Paisley print table cloth came from the dollar store)

Cupcakes with sheriffs badges from the dollar store.

Chelsey about to try her luck at "pin the sperm on the egg"

Drawing for whoever brought diapers and a close up of the adorable invitation.

Rootbeer favors :)

He is one loved little boy!

Chelsey and I. I love this lady!