Sunday, September 28, 2014

Got Wreaths

Since fall is upon us I was inspired to jaz up my front door a bit with a new fall wreath. I saw a burlap bubble wreath on Pinterest 3 years ago when the wonderful world of Pinterest sucked me in lol. I was to intimidated to try making a wreath myself. It looked way to complex. A few weeks ago I purchased all my supplies and gave it my best try.

I was very impressed so I posted a picture a picture of my hard work on my Facebook.... And everybody loved it. They all wanted one of their own. At that time I told them no. Aparently I found the hard way to make them, with the tutorial I followed a wreath took 1hr and 45min just to do the burlap.

My grandma wanted one and I just couldn't say no to her so I went searching for an easier way... And I found it! I will add my own tutorial soon. I kind of went crazy after that. Here are a few of my creations.


My cousin Tara's San Francisco Giants Baseball wreath- complete with some of the years they won the World Series and the names of everybody in her house- including her dogs.

I ended up adding a "do not disturb" sign to this one for my two cousins who work graveyard shift. I forgot to get the finall picture :(

Sorry some if the pictures don't hane the best quality.

Love this one

This is everybody fav! I love how it turned out.

I love the color pop :)

This is another favorite. But I couldn't get any more of these signs.

Construction theme wreath for my favorite little guys 3rd bday :)

What my arm rests on my couch has been looking like lately. Lol

Some of the signs I have been collecting these past few weeks for my wreaths.

I'm hoping I don't get burned out on all this wreath making cause so far I'm loving it! I can't wait all the other holidays now :)