Saturday, January 9, 2016

Second Chances

A year ago I finally hit my plateau with Guillain Barré Syndrome and started reclaiming my life. Most people don't loose their ability to do EVERYTHING and eventually get it back. For that I'm so grateful. 

During the last 12 months many people have said how sorry they felt for me. Please don't feel sorry for me... Has it been easy or enjoyable? No, far from it... But in these short 12 months I have experienced more love and human kindness than most will experience in a life time.

I know the real meaning of unconditional love- a dad and husband and so many more who ran there selves ragged for me, slept in awkward places, lived on fast food and spent hours upon hours in hospitals holding my hand, rubbing my feet or wiping my face, just so I felt a little bit safer and comfortable in an impossible situation. 

Kasie and Aunt Kim camped out by my beside giving dad and Bryan a break.

I love these girls :) 

I'm so blessed to have him by my side.

The most amazing men in my life- they were trying to put my hair up, that's love :)

I've learned that people will always surprise you- the ones who spent every available moment with me even tho they had jobs, school, families and so much more... And then the people who just didn't come for what ever the reason.

Guillain Barré has taken many things from me, everything I used to define myself as... But it has given me so much more. I learned to slow down and celebrate the little moments no matter how small or odd they were; moving body parts, flipping someone off, wiping my own ass, eating a cheeseburger, transferring, rolling over, first steps, ect... No moment is to small to celebrate. 

First cheesecake!

First cheeseburger that I waited 100 days for.

First time outside in aproximently 9 weeks.

One of my first times transferring by myself.

First time standing up!


First smiles after many sessions of the wonderful, Julie shocking my face.

First time writing... The best last names ever!

First time dancing- thank you Uncle Gary for dragging me on the dance floor! I love you!

First time rolling onto my stomach on our couch... I was stuck that way for awhile... 

First time using chopsticks 

First time driving in over 9 months!

First ponytail by myself!

I lost ability to do the simplest things that I have always taken advantage of. But now my loved ones and I know that life isn't a guarantee or always beautiful. But it's worth it.

If there is anything to learn from this, please live in the moment, enjoy the little things, and appreciate the people in your life. Be kind to people- everybody has their own battles. You will never know what a kind gesture will do for another.

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  1. Greetings. I included your blog and or video in my website. It's a list of first-person accounts of people who are battling GPS and its variants.