Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coffee Table Facelift

We bought our coffee table right before be got out house. So it's been around for 5 years. I haven't been very easy on it, there may have been a few things spilt on it- **cough- finger nail polish remover- cough** the stain was coming off in many places, so I decided that I would refinish it this summer. 

The befores

To strip it, I first used a spray stripper and it didn't work very well so I ran to the hardwear store and picked up a different kind of stripper and it worked so much better!

I sanded it down real good to get the rest of the varnish off.

Slapped some turquoise paint on it.

Ran the sander over it.

Then I coated it with the stain. I didn't bother with wiping the stain off cause I wanted the grainy rustic look to it.

Love it!

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