Thursday, July 31, 2014

Easter Goodies

For Easter this year we went to my favorite place- my Papas Ranch. Of course I was nominated to bring the goodies and thinks to Pinterest, I did not disappoint!

Chocolate and White Chocolate covered strawberrys.

The orange ones are my "carrots".

To melt the chocolate in all the different colors I used my crockpot and mason jars. I filled the crockpot with a few inches of hot water and turned it on high. I filled the wide mouth mason jars with chocolate and left them there for awhile. It worked out great.

My carrot cupcakes! So cute!!

All I did was cut a hole on the top of the cupcake, add a little frosting to the hole and around the edges. I then put my strawberry in the hole and put chocolate sprinkles around the sides for the dirt effect. I will definitely make these again next year.

Peep cupcakes- super simple and oh so very Easter. Just dye frosting with neon food coloring and top it off with a peep :)

Here's some more pictures of the ranch.

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