Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DIY- T.V. Console orginizer

This past winter my Papa let me go threw his barn to look for treasures to use for my Whiskey and Rinestones display. I found this old flat box/ crate that I'm pretty sure was for shipping glass. It worked out pretty good in my display.

But I decided that I wanted to use it at home. My TV stand is always cluttered with remotes, mail, DVDs and all kinds of other crap so I thought it would be perfect to orginize all that chaos.

I started by cleaning all the cobwebs out :)

Added a few layers of turquoise and orange paint.

I took it out side and sanded it real good.

Then I went to town staining it.

Half way done

The finished product.

I think it turned out great. It adds more turquoise and orange to our living room with out being to loud.

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