Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life as we know it- part 1

This post will be split up into several posts and will be incredibly real and may be hard to read at parts. But this is my story.

Last December brought more than just the holidays. I'm assuming that all the stres we were under caused me to get a sinus and ear infection. Gosh is was horible. I have never been that sick before. I went to the local Imedate Care and got on antibiotics- a 5 day Z pack.

On December 11th day 6 I went back to the Imedate Care because my left eye lid was droopy- we thought it was swollen. My feet, hands and mouth were numb tingly. When I walked i was like the little penguin on Happy Feet and my teeth going numb was weird.

At the Imeadate Care they confirmed that they thought that I was allergic to the antibiotics and just sleep it off and to take cough medicine for my horible cough that was causing me to constantly puke. I couldn't keep anything down for a week. They told me I had no need for Benadryl. I figured that if I was in deed allergic to the antibiotics that the Benadryl would help and keep it from getting worse.

When we got out of the doctors I was starving and begged Bryan to take me to Inn and Out but he said that he would make me something healthy when we got home... I was near my breaking point. We went to Walmart to pick up the Benadryl and I mentioned getting a snickers bar cause they have protein ya know ;)... He said no and came back to the truck with a bunch of bananas... Y'all I wanted to shove them down his throat bless his heart. I hate bananas... But I choked one down because I knew I needed food.

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