Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Critter Rescues

It's no secret, my husband has a huge heart and we both love animals. In June I was asleep at 10pm and Bryan woke me up... He was holding a dang puppy lol. I knew we would both get attached so we needed to find her a home ASAP! Somebody dumped this precious girl out on the country. Our friend found her and couldn't keep her so Bryan picked her up so we could find her the perfect family.

Luckily I had 5+ awesome family's that wanted her. She went to live with a friend from high schools parents. 

Last week- Bryan got back from being gone on a fire for 15 days. When he got to his station there was a kitten on the back porch. Whoever abandoned her left her in a cardboard box and left blankets, food and water dishes, bags and litter, food and a litter box. Cats arnt that hard to care for and it looks like they had everything they needed. Maybe the lost their house, who knows. I'm just thankful that the crew got home that day. It was 100degrees that day and the guy's personal vehicles were at the station the entire time since they were gone on the engine so the ppl who dumped the kitten must have thought somebody was there.

I'm not a fan of cats, but she was the sweetest thing! If we didn't already have 4 large dogs and a crazy cat, she would have stayed with us... But since we have a mini zoo, we did the next best thing. We gave her to my cousin and her family. They love her and I know it's the best fit!

On her way to her new family!

I don't see how people can abandon animals especially in the heat of summer. There is no excuse! We had handfulls of people wanting both animals within hours and that was just with simple Facebook posts.

Bryan may drive me slightly cray cray, but boy do I love him and I'm glad we got to save these precious animals and give them forever families!

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