Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bookcase Makeover

We bought this bookcase a few years ago, it's nothing fancy but it does the job. Eventually I would like to make a bookcase out of my antique doors, but in till then, we're making the best out of what we have.

The before- just a boring bookcase

I found on Pinterest where people were lining the back of book cases with fabric. Some were adhering the fabric right to the case it's self while others attached the fabric to foam board and then to the case it's self. As with most craft projects, a little trial and error is required.

I wanted to use spray adhesive but I live in a little town that doesn't have spray adhesive... Boo... And at the moment I didn't feel like driving 30 min just to pick some up.

I first tried fowling a tutorial with using corn starch. They said they attached it strait to the wood. I figured it try it with the foam board.
I set the boards on the fabric and cut it out.

I whipped up the corn starch mixture-
Mix 2 Tablespoons cornstarch with 1/4 cup tap water
Bring 2 cups of water to a boil
Mix boiling water with tap water cornstarch mixture
Let cool and then paint on to project

After it cooled, I started painting it on the foam board.

I started at one end and worked to the other side stretching out the wrinkles as I go.

After it's wrinkle free I started painting on the corn starch mixture over the whole thing again.

After it was fully covered I left it over night to dry- it was warping up a little but no big deal- I planned on hot gluing it to the back of the book case so it didn't matter.

When I checked on it in the morning I found this-

Yeah, it didn't work- the foam board had a paper layer and it pealed up with the fabric.

Soooo I ran to Walmart and picked up some spray adhesive.

Since I already cut my fabric up and used my foam board, I decided to just attach the fabric right to the cardboard back of the bookcase. I sprayed half of the book case at a time. I sprayed it down and then lined up the corners and started rubbing it down getting out all the wrinkles.

The edges were a little ragged so I pulled out the exacto knife.

I trimmed all the edges and stepped back to admire it... Yes a manicure is in my future. Lol

And then I knickknack attacked it :)

FYI that ugly globe thing is all my husband. He got it from a white elephant party a few years ago. I figured it fits in with our rustic decor, so there it sits. The owls both came from Ross.

I'm loving this project. It costs less than $10 and makes such a huge impact on our living room. I love the pop of color!

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