Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bar Stool Revamp

Our bar stools were looking a tad to boring for my taste. I had some turquoise and orange fabric from my pillows and it was the perfect amount for this project. I purchased some hammered bronze spray paint- this was my test project, since theses turned out so great I'll tackle painting our ugly gold light fixtures next.

I took off the padded seat.

Grabbed my spray adhesive and layed my fabric over the seat to find the perfect position for it.

I then sprayed the seat with the adhesive and smoothed to over the top of the seat and around the edges. I was so nervous about this step but it was so easy!

I cut all the acess fabric off. I did leave about an inch around the edge.

I ran and got some staples for my staple gun but as always- I have crapy luck and they didnt fit- the box said they were the corect size but oh well. I was not about to go back in the 100+ heat so I made do. I broke the staples apart and hammered them around the edges.

Not bad at all for my first time.

I then lightly sanded the stool and then took it to my shower to rinse it and wash it real good with soap.
Again- anything to avoid the heat for aslong as posible lol

After it was nice and clean, I drug it outside to dry off. I retreated inside with my BFF- the AC for 10 min.

Once it was dry I sprayed it down with the hammered bronze paint. It took one can.

About two hours later after it was dry I put it back together. Please ignore the mess in the picture lol. I love the finished product. So much better than the plain black.

One down, two to go! I can't wait to see them all together once finished!

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